Interview: Viking Mushroom – Game Development Studio MobGe

We had an interview with Turkish indie game development studio MobGe about their awaited “Viking Mushroom” game project.                        

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We had an interview with Turkish indie game development studio MobGe about their awaited “Viking Mushroom” game project.


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When did you found MobGe? What do you work on?

MobGe was founded in 2013, in Eskişehir by Ferhat Aydoğan and Özgür Taşkın. We have been roomies since our first year at Bilkent University. We had been working on games and computer graphics the whole time at university. After graduating, we founded MobGe by state grants in no time, and we developed games, mobile applications, and other programs; and we continue to do so today.

How long have you been developing games?

Since our first year at university, we had many game projects. Since we have a bit of a perfectionist nature, we had not published a game yet. At the time of iPhone 3, we launched the project “Nest Intruder”. Before Viking Mushroom, we worked on the “Dr. Green” project; which we developed most of our game engine from. These games were highly advanced for their time, yet we prefered not to publish because we weren’t satisfied with them. Later on, we had met Okan and Volkan Yenen brothers and they accepted collaborating with us in developing games.


Pre-Alpha Screenshot


How did the Vikings Mushroom idea come about?

Along with the Yenen brothers, we started to work on completing the “Dr. Green” project. Later on, we realized that we needed a fresher idea. In accordance with their skills, we decided to make platformer 2D game. 

How far along is the development on Viking Mushroom?

We have been working on Viking Mushroom for 11 months now full time. In order to cover the expenses at the Studio, we also accepted to work on mobile applications. We have separate team members working on only those kinds of projects. Our friend Ferhat, from the games team, spends a certain part of his time developing these projects.

What influenced you the most while developing the Viking Mushroom project?

We love the TV series “Viking” on the History Channel and it influenced us a lot. Vikings have an important position in popular culture, that’s why we decided to use Vikings as the theme. We also find it impossible not to be influenced by the best platformer game, Rayman.

What’s new aspects have been added? What is your plan for the latest version?

We want to introduce new environments to the player. We have completed the first 8 levels and we plan to make it 25 levels overall. Some of the levels are done, and their environments are waiting to be decorated. We will add bosses as well. Also adding varied mods is in plan. We are planning to add 30 diversified enemies and some RPG items as well.


Pre-Alpha Screenshot


Can you date the Beta release?

It is not clear yet. We are testing “Viking Mushroom” as pre-alpha. We have created a small volunteer test group to test the first 8 levels. We want to make long-term cooperation with people who take testing seriously. Their names will be written on the game’s id tag. Volunteers that want to test the game can contact us at hello(at)

What is your expectation for Viking Mushroom?

At first, we started developing games just out of curiosity. Then it turned into a passion for us. As game developers, the most exciting thing for us would be to receive great appreciation and hundreds of thousands or even millions downloads of the game. We don’t keep our expectations high for the game.

Who is designing the music and sound effects?

A composer named Pär Svensson who is a graduate of Berkeley College of Music, one of the best music schools in the world. Because of his Swedish origin, he has a brilliant command of Viking themed music. Sometime soon, we will share his music on our Facebook page.

Pär Svensson



Who is making the graphic design and character animations?

Volkan Yenen is on illustrations and concept design, and Okan Yenen is on animations and visuals.

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What is your promotional plan? Do you plan a Kickstarter campaign?

We have seen that there is no use in Kickstarter for mobile games. That’s why we decided not to start a campaign. Our promotional plan will be to reach as many blogs, magazines, and media editors as possible. We already started to promote the game on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and we are planning to join to GDC in San Francisco.

Do you outsource any support?

What we get as support out of the studio is for music, sound design, and summing up the narration. Joel Janisse from Canada, has undertaken the writing of the main story and comic scenes. He is a very talented writer and made great contributions on the game’s humor.

Is there a plan for publishing Viking Mushroom for platforms such as Xbox and Playstation?

Yes, after monitoring its success on mobile, we want to release it for as many platforms as we can.

Which game engine did you use?

We developed our own editors on Unity. Making the game in multi-layers and rich with visuals is very hard to achieve on mobile platforms. We had to work a lot to hold the game under 100 Mb.



Which tools are you using?

It is important to have the entire control when it comes to software. Therefore, we prefer not to use 3rd party tools. However, we use Photoshop for the illustrations, and ToonBoom Studio for the animations.

Have you been negotiating with any publisher for Viking Mushroom?

We have determined three publishers and we plan to contact them after the alpha test. Publishing it independently is one of the options, but we haven’t decided yet.

Do you have any suggestions for new Turkish game developers?

We recommend developing small mobile games at first, then they can think about enlarging. For example Ketchapp games; despite their small size, millions are downloading their games every week.

What is your opinion on the Turkish gaming industry?

We are in hot pursuit of the Turkish gaming industry. It is developing gradually. The costs for developing games are so high. In order to be able to cover these costs, it is a must to have a deal with a publisher or an investor. But to be able to do that, you have to publish a couple of games and reveal your talent.



Which games do you prefer to play?

We love to play all kinds of games. Ferhat is a DOTA player to the core. Yenen brothers play a different kind of game every weekend. Recently we had played Ori and The Blind Forest and got a kick out of it.

What kind of devices do you play on?

I prefer mobile games. I download most of the new games and play every week. Everyone else likes to play on PC.

Is there any music selection to listen to during the development process?

Ferhat listens Therion, Opeth, and rest of us play on Spotify’s Global First 50’s or suggested lists.

Which games influence you?

Machinarium, World of Goo, Braid. And among the big-budget games, Witcher.